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The Girl Plan.

When I look back at my own adolescence I distinctly remember a time when I distanced myself from all of the sports activities that had been a big part of my childhood years. I also remember actively dumbing myself down to my peers and also my parents in attempt to imitate the female “role models” that were popular at the time of my teenage years. The one thing that I didn’t do thankfully was stop dreaming and aspiring to be successful in a career that I would earn off my own merit, which looking back now was the only thing that really saved me from disowning the skills that I had already built and gave me a direction to steer towards when it came to making decisions about what to do next in life when all of a sudden at the age of sixteen to eighteen, you are near enough expected to choose a path. However for many I know that this is not always the case and I strongly believe that this period of a girl’s development is responsible for the well documented rise in anxiety, depression and confidence issues that seem to be far too common place now for many young adolescents. I want to know why. What happens in those key development years that cause such damage in later life and how do we stop it happening?


‘The Girl Plan’ is a project I have created in order to achieve three main goals.

1. Find out the cause.

2. Find a solution.

3. Contribute towards a change.


This is the very early stages of an initiative that I hope will give talking time to something I regard of as being a really important issue, I hope to gather enough information and to be able to share the findings with parents but mainly I would love to be able to find a platform to be able to speak directly to our upcoming generation of young women and to change the narrative.


I would be really interested to hear any thoughts or ideas you may have, so please do get in contact with me and will keep you up to date with any updates that are made.  

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